Yukie Mochizuki 

もちづき ゆきえ

A Japanese filmmaker based in  Tokyo.

I am a filmmaker born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

Recently, I graduated with a BA in Practical Filmmaking from Met Film School London, United Kingdom.


I have written and directed various projects during my time at uni. My most recent short is Sometimes I Miss Them (2017). I also worked as a camera operator/editor in a documentary, "I Am Here", which captures the current situation on Japanese Transgender Community.



​様々なプロジェクトの企画/脚本・監督・撮影・編集に携わり、最近では日本のトランスジェンダーの現状に迫ったドキュメンタリー「I Am Here -私たちはともに生きている-」で撮影・編集に協力。